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Our Vision

    Simply stated, our vision of Indigo Mountain is to provide the highest quality of care for animals in need.

    We envision Indigo Mountain Nature Center to be a refuge; a place the animals feel loved, respected and well provided for. The way they are cared for, what they are fed, and how they are protected from disease are vital ingredients to a happy, tranquil life. But the way they are housed is equally as important. All the residents will have large enclosures where they can wander and live as close to a wild existence as possible.  Animals living in penitentiary-like enclosures at many zoos are living in a state of behavioral bankruptcy.  They often become hostile, aggressive or neurotic.  These unhappy animals tend to over eat, over sleep, over groom, pace, regurgitate their food, chew on their paws, suck on their tails and rock obsessively.

    Exhibit Design is of the utmost importance to Indigo Mountain Nature Center. Not only is the happiness and well being of the animals a major concern, but it is also important that visitors to Indigo Mountain have a positive personal experience with the wildlife enclosed in the facility.   The exhibits or enclosures are one of the best means of communicating with our visitors our message.  Too often the public comes away from roadside parks, sanctuaries and zoos with a poor view of its inhabitants.  Some are so “turned-off” by the experience that they never return. The sight of a caged animal does not always engender respect for the animals. It is our desire at Indigo Mountain to provide a home for each animal that will allow for natural behaviors as well as provide visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the simulated habitat of the animals and hopefully come away with a new respect and understanding of that animal.

    Our message to the visitor is simple.  Because these animals were born in captivity they must remain caged, yet they do not feel like prisoners.  Instead, they are well cared for, loved and extremely happy.


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