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Support For Indigo Mountain Nature Center

    Indigo Mountain Nature Center depends on the generosity of individuals, corporations and small foundations to help us build and maintain the animal care facilities, provide quality nutrition and veterinary care.  We receive no federal or state funding to care for the animals. We keep our administrative costs low and benefits for the animals high. We are one of the few animal organizations in the country with an all-volunteer staff. This enables us to stretch our donor’s dollars as far as they can go for the care of the animals.

    There are a number of ways you can get involved with Indigo Mountain to help further our efforts.  Here’s how you can help:

    Contributions and Gifts

    Indigo Mountain depends entirely on your tax deductible gifts to care for the animals. No donation is too small.


It takes $1.56 per day to feed 1 wolfdog and $3 per day to feed 1 bear


    Help support Indigo Mountain. Please make your tax deductible donation by clicking the google checkout button below.  Thank you for your support


      Planned Giving

      You can leave a legacy to Indigo Mountain by remembering the animals in your will or estate planning.




      A Memorial Gift is a wonderful way to honor a loved one. Indigo Mountain will recognize your memorial in a newsletter and mail a card to the family of the loved one and an acknowledgement card to you.




      A Tribute Gift is a unique way to remember a friend or loved one on a special occasion.  So remember Indigo Mountain for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. We will recognize your gift in a newsletter and send a special card to the individual or family.



      Employee Giving

      Many people wish they could donate, but just can’t afford to give all at once. Through payroll deduction it is easy to support the animals of Indigo Mountain. 

      If you want to help Indigo Mountain make a difference in each animal’s life here are a few ways to get involved:

      We are a proud member of Community Shares of Colorado. Community Shares is a nonprofit federation that helps raise funds for over 110 Colorado based charities through workplace giving campaigns.



      If you are a government employee you can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign. We participate through our membership with Community Shares.

    Our CFC Participant #94990



      If your employer is not a participating member of Community Shares of Colorado, but does run a United Way workplace campaign you can write Indigo Mountain in on the pledge form.

      If you or your employer would like to learn more about workplace giving campaigns contact us at [email protected]



      Company Matching

      Some companies support nonprofit organizations by matching financial gifts from their employees. Other companies encourage their employees to volunteer their time, energy and talents to nonprofit organizations and will match the volunteer time with cash contributions.

      Talk to your Human Resource Manager to find out what your company offers.



      Corporate Donations

      Businesses can lend the animals a hand by supporting Indigo Mountain.  While some choose to make cash donations or company matching programs others give grants for projects or in-kind donations of services or goods.

      Exclusive sponsorship of some habitats are available.  Please contact management for donation levels.



      Animal Sponsorship

      When you adopt your favorite animal for yourself or a friend your contribution goes directly to the care and feeding of that animal.

      To make your tax deductible $25.00 donation to help support an animal, click the donation form below, please submit it, and it will bring you to our google checkout submission. You can also print out the form and send it with your donation to Indigo Mountain Nature Center through the US Mail. Thank you for your support.

      Animal Sponsorship Request Form - Click on this link to send us your Request.



      Enrichment Sponsorship

      Entertain the Animals!

      Numerous studies have been completed and millions of dollars have been spent studying animal behavior and enrichment.  Many behaviorists and scientists believe that behavior is a consequence of both genetic and environmental factors. Studies have shown that captive animals living in environments that are not equivalent to a wild environment result in the loss of many patterns of natural behavior.

      At Indigo Mountain we feel it is both scientifically and morally sound to enrich the lives of the animals. We have found active animals are healthier and spend less time involved in unhealthy activities.  Enrichment doesn’t just take up time during the day; it also boosts the animal’s confidence and sharpens problem-solving capabilities.

      Wild animals fill their days with hunting or foraging for food and protecting their territories from predators. In captivity food and water are provided, territories are clearly defined, social groupings are stable and there are no predators to confront. Their days are full of free time.  To keep intelligent or exploratory animals from becoming hostile, aggressive or neurotic it is important to provide new, entertaining and challenging activities. Enrichment can be elaborate or simple. It can range from mechanical lures, toys, agility centers, and playgounds to simple digging mounds.

      Our Enrichment Sponsorship is yet another way you can get involved and help one animal’s life better. Your sponsorship will help us provide balls, Kongs, tugs, food logs, and various scents such as condiments and perfumes for olfactory enrichment to name only a few.



      Our Enrichment Sponsorship is yet another way you can get involved and help one animal live a better life.

      Enrichment Sponsorship Form Click on this link to send us your Request.



      The Green Fund Network

      Don't Trash that Cell Phone or Printer Cartridge

      We have partnered with the GreenFund Network, a national recycling program to create a unique giving opportunity. Your generous donation of used cell phones or used printer cartridges from your home or business provides vital funding for our Center while keeping valuable materials our of our landfills.

      Your donated items can be sent directly via pre-paid mailers.  Contact IMNC to learn more.



      Cars for Critters

      Couldn’t get the trade-in you wanted for your old vehicle? Have a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, or travel trailer you no longer want?  Contact IMNC to donate the vehicle.



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    Indigo Mountain Nature Center’s Wish List


    Walk-in Freezer



    Copy Machine






    Gas Powered Weed Eaters

    16’ Flatbead Trailer

    4x4 Truck

    Stock  or Horse Trailer

    Skidloader with auger


    Copy Paper

    Paper Towels






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