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Our Mission

    Indigo Mountain Nature Center, Inc. was established to create public awareness and inspire respect for all wildlife through education, while providing a variety of specialized services to captive born wildlife.

    The organization’s primary goal is to educate the public of the plight of wildlife in an effort to prevent endangerment and extinction of entire species. This is accomplished by providing a series of lectures, interactive workshops, outreach programs and educational products designed to create awareness in the challenges facing animals. Programs discuss the increasing destruction and degradation of their natural habitats and what this means not only to the animals in questions, but to the human population worldwide.  Programs inspire personal involvement and understanding in the natural world and how to successfully live with our indigenous wildlife.

    Indigo Mountain has created a sanctuary in response to the lack of existing facilities designed to provide refuge to captive born wildlife who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, exploited or have become surplus.

    In addition, Indigo Mountain has developed a nationwide network of high quality facilities and organizations to work together in placing wild and exotic animals. By joining forces with others of like philosophies, Indigo Mountain can help to place a large number of animals in dire need of a permanent home.


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