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Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Indigo Mountain Nature Center Join Forces!



    In an effort to educate the public of the plight of wildlife Indigo Mountain Nature Center has joined forces with Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to expand our educational programs.  These wildlife conservation programs incorporate slide presentations and lectures to illustrate the delicate balance of the ecosystems in which we live. Many of the programs have been created by professional educators. 

    Here is an example of part of our Balance of Nature Presentation.

    Programs are available to schools, clubs and organizations throughout Colorado. 

    Balance of Nature:  Explore the critical impact wildlife has on the ecosystem and our quality of life.   Learn the importance of wildlife from bunnies to bears!   

    Exotic to Extinct: Effects of Exotic Animals on Nature and why we should keep wildlife WILD 

    Claws, Coats and Camouflage:  How and why animals adapt to where they live 

    Northern Exposure:  A thorough look at how animals adapt to the winter 

    Furbearers:  Fashion shouldn’t cost them their lives.  This program looks at the furbearing mammals. 

    Little Red Riding Hood Lied:  A look at the wolf’s place in nature:   A thorough examination of the importance of the wolf in nature.   

    Colorado Wild Canines:  A program highlighting the four native species of fox, coyote and the extirpated gray wolf. 

    Colorado Wild Cats:  A presentation on the elusive mountain lion, bobcat and the Canadian lynx. 

    Exotic Animals as Pets:  How much is that salamander in the window? The factors involved in having an exotic animal as a pet including veterinary care, nutritional needs, habitat needs and more. 

    Creatures of the Night:  What lurks outside your backdoor in the dark of night. Learn about bats, coyotes and other animals that roam the darkness. 

    Wildlife Rehab:  What happens to that little bird or bunny after you pick it up? 

    Don't Be a Kidnapper!:  What to do if you find an "orphaned" baby bird or mammal. 

    How You Can Help Wildlife: Tips to help you responsibly help wildlife. 

    Owls:  Learn all about the owl.  A thorough look at their habits and habitats 

    Living With Wildlife: Learn how to co-exist with wildlife in your own backyard. In this jam packed program we discuss what to do and what not to do when you see a mountain lion, black bear or coyote in the wild.  We also give tips on safeguarding your home, family and pets. 

    Black Bears:  This program features Colorado’s largest predator. We share information regarding behavior, habitat, and all about estivation (hibernation). The discussion also includes what to do when you are faced with a bear in the wild. 

    WolvesEverything you always wanted to know about these elusive predators including their characteristics, behavior, habitat and social hierarchy. We talk about the “Big Bad Wolf” and how the public has learned to fear and hate them. 

    Endangered Species: Since life began on this planet many species have died due to natural processes and biological conditions. Today, many of our species are dying off due to habitat degradation, environmental pollution and exploitation.  This program discusses what man has done to the ecosystems or biomes, and how we can attempt to fix the damage that has been done before it is too late.  Endangered means there is still time...extinction is forever. 

    The Trade of Exotic Animals: This program discusses the legal and illegal trade of wild and exotic animals. It delves into “Canned Hunts”, fur farms, animal auctions, animals as pets and overseas trade of animals. 

    Colorado Critters: This program provides an overview of the animals indigenous to Colorado from the tiny pika to cougars, bears and mountain goats.



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